Galapagoose Vids Online

When Melbourne’s Galapagoose came into the RRR studios two weeks ago he set The City Rises alight with his 40 minute, 100% live set of deftly played head nodders and foot stompers. We’ve had calls, emails, likes, reposts and several hundred listens since he was on, and that was just for the music!

Now we have the videos to prove just how live it really was. I selected a few choice moments but if you want to hear the entire, epic 40 minutes go to TCR #044.

And keep an eye out for Galapagoose in your area code…

In part 3, I stopped recording in the studio by accident and so I tried to match up a snippet of the same song performed the following night at Horse Bazaar.

ps. If you are interested in the machine that Galapagoose is using check out​​ and be prepared for some seriously masterful geekery!

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